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NHS Trust pays out in alleged clinical negligence case

NHS Trust pays out in alleged clinical negligence case

An NHS Trust has paid compensation of £425,000 to a woman who accused it of clinical negligence.

Helen Fairhurst sued the University College London Hospitals NHS Trust - which provides general and specialist services to both UK patients and people from abroad - after an operation went wrong.

The 40-year-old, who was born with a congenital heart defect, had heart valve replacement surgery in February 2002, the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press reports.

Soon afterwards, she suffered a major haemorrhage which has left her with paralysis in her arms and legs, and severe cognitive impairment, meaning she is entirely reliant on carers.

Through her mother, Ms Fairhurst took legal action against the NHS trust and she won the money in a settlement.

The NHS Trust however, did not admit any liability in the case.

On behalf of the organisation, spokesperson David Evans stressed that there had been no admission of liability, but added: "It is right for me, on behalf of the trust, to express our great regret that the operation didn't go as one would have hoped."