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Legislation 'helps raise profile of sexual discrimination'

Legislation 'helps raise profile of sexual discrimination'

Despite the controversy surrounding the new equalities bill concerning the issue of positive discrimination, such legislation is necessary as a means of raising the profile of sexual discrimination in UK workplaces.

This is the opinion of Karen Gill, founder of female business website everywoman, who stated that something needs to be done to redress the imbalance of women in the world of business because in some ways the situation is "regressing".

The expert commented: "There needs to be legislation. There needed to be the Equal Opportunities Act 30 years ago. It needs to be on the agenda and legislation helps that, it puts it on the agenda."

Ms Gill added that changes in the law make it acceptable for people to debate the issue of sexual discrimination, which is a positive thing.

According to figures cited by the BBC, on average, for every pound earned by a man in Britain, a woman earns 87 pence.