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Govt to bring forward new anti-discrimination laws

Govt to bring forward new anti-discrimination laws

The Labour administration is set to bring forward new laws designed to tackle discrimination.

According to a BBC report, equalities minister Harriet Harman will announce the plan today (June 26th) as part of a package of measures in the equalities bill.

It is suggested that the minister will reveal the government's intention to outlaw secrecy clauses in employment contracts which are designed to prevent staff from discussing their salaries.

In addition, Ms Harman reportedly intends to allow employers to appoint people specifically because of their race or gender in cases where candidates are equally qualified for the job and where doing so would create a more balanced workforce.

Also reported to be part of Labour's plans are measures to achieve equal pay between men and women.

In related news, research released earlier this month by the Chartered Management Institute, Department for Work and Pensions and the Institute for Employment Studies suggested that racial discrimination still persists in the UK.

According to the study, a third of Asian and a fifth of black managers cited racial discrimination as a barrier to career progression.