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Fashion company pays out in race discrimination claim

Fashion company pays out in race discrimination claim

A fashion company owned by Sadie Frost and Jemima French has been made to pay out around £5,000 in compensation to a former worker who accused it of race discrimination.

During a recent hearing, Aba Yankah, a German-born sales assistant and stylist of African descent, alleged she was sacked on her first day at work as a result of the colour of her skin.

She claimed that, while store manager Sharon O'Connor had been friendly over the phone to her, she had become tense after meeting her in person.

According to Ms Yankah, three hours after arriving at the firm's Burlington Arcade store, she was sent to a sister FrostFrench store in Carnaby Street, where she was requested to clear up rodent droppings in the basement.

FrostFrench - which was established in 1999 - denied the allegations in a written response to the tribunal.