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Brain damage victim wins £800k in compensation

Brain damage victim wins £800k in compensation
A brain damage victim has been awarded a payout of more than £800,000, it has been revealed.

Mother-of-two Dawn Page had begun a radical weight loss programme which involved drinking an extra four pints of water each day and reducing salt intake.

Shortly after embarking on the detox, the 52-year-old began vomiting but was told by nutritionist Barbara Nash that this was part of the process.

Less than a week into the diet, Ms Page suffered a major epileptic fit which left her with damage to her brain.

Doctors had diagnosed her with hyponatraemia, which occurs when blood salt levels fall below a certain level.

Her speech, memory and concentration have been affected and she was forced to give up her job as a conference organiser.

Ms Nash denies liability in the case but agreed to the payout, which was recently ratified at the high court.

Meanwhile, Ms Page's husband Geoff said: "Her life has been seriously affected, perhaps ruined, by this fad-type way of losing weight, which I can only say is a dangerous method of weight loss."