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Worker fall results in prosecution of firm

Worker fall results in prosecution of firm
A worker fall has resulted in the prosecution of a company, it has been revealed.

During a hearing at Margate magistrates' court, Body & Wheels Workshop was ordered to pay £3,000 plus costs of £1,597 after pleading guilty to two breaches of health and safety legislation.

The accident took place in November 2007 when Aaron Green, an 18-year-old employee, fell four metres through a fragile asbestos cement roof while he was cleaning away moss.

He had been working from two crawling boards at the time, which were not secured or fitted with guardrails.

As a result of the impact, Mr Green suffered a broken leg and was forced to spend several months off work.

"This accident could have easily resulted in more severe injuries to Mr Green and it is by good fortune alone that we have not been dealing with a fatality today," stated Health and Safety Executive (HSE) principal inspector Steve Banfield.

Indeed, according to HSE statistics, 45 workers died last year in the UK as a result of falls from height.