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Woman begins legal proceedings over alleged clinical negligence

Woman begins legal proceedings over alleged clinical negligence
A woman has initiated legal proceedings against a GP she claims was negligent in his treatment of her after he failed to test her for heart attack symptoms.

Lynn Gillon, a 50-year-old policewoman, began suffering from aching in her arms and legs, and was sweating and experiencing nausea, the Yorkshire Post reports.

Her husband, Vincent Gillon, called out-of-hours doctor Bernd Schuster out to investigate.

He determined that the patient was probably suffering from heartburn, gave her a spray under her tongue and advised her to see a GP the following day.

In a call made the next day to another doctor, Ms Gillon was diagnosed with the life-threatening condition, but it was too late to give her blood clot preventing drugs.

A number of hours later, she suffered a 20-second cardiac arrest and now has a permanent blockage in her heart that will require lifelong medication.

Heart attacks usually occur when a clot forms in one of the blood vessels leading to the heart muscle.