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Universities to crack down on employment discrimination

Universities to crack down on employment discrimination

As part of a new drive to ensure equality in employment, universities and colleges in the UK have agreed to a new anti-discrimination plan.

During this year's University and College Union (UCU) congress, lecturers agreed to 'name and shame' universities and colleges which fail to implement anti-discrimination law.

Additionally, the Human Rights and Equality Commission - which exists to eliminate discrimination and protect human rights - will be pressed to serve compliance notices on the worst offenders.

Figures cited during the annual meeting suggested that, of over 300 colleges, only eight have a black principal, while less than six per cent of senior and middle managers are black.

Commenting on the issue, Sasha Callaghan, president-elect of UCU said: "Non compliant colleges and universities are breaking the law every day.

"We have been patient on this until now but it is 18 months since the legislation was put on the statute book - long enough for institution."