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Vasectomy operation leads to clinical negligence claim

Vasectomy operation leads to clinical negligence claim
A vasectomy which allegedly failed to go according to plan has seen a man win the right to claim compensation for medical negligence.

After the operation, which took place 12 years ago, ex-soldier Daniel Stalker from Dunbar - a town situated on the south-east coast of Scotland - had to have his testes removed due to the pain he was suffering.

The 51-year-old says that he complained on a number of occasions during the medical procedure that the anaesthetic had not taken effect but his doctor had continued anyway.

Eventually, the pain Mr Stalker experienced became so acute that doubled over and vomited.

Following a hearing at the court of session in Edinburgh, his wife, Elizabeth, said that the operation had destroyed their family life.

In evidence, Dr Paul Dewart - who performed the procedure - said that he did not remember Mr Stalker and insisted that he would never go on with an operation without making sure that the anaesthetic had been effective.