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Sales exec wins £60k compensation in sexual discrimination case

Sales exec wins £60k compensation in sexual discrimination case

A sales executive has been successful in her claim of sexual discrimination, it has been revealed.

Louise Manning had been a sales director at Safetell - a firm involved in the installation of security equipment - on a salary of £55,000 a year.

Upon informing her boss, Nick Medlam, that she was pregnant, however, Ms Manning claims that she suffered discrimination.

According to the 39-year-old, when she asked to go on maternity leave, she was told she would "never be the same again" and was demoted after she returned to work.

She states that Mr Medlam behaved like a "Neanderthal" over the issue of her pregnancy.

An employment tribunal heard that Ms Manning had been a "highly motivated, skilled and experienced executive".

It had previously upheld her sex discrimination claim.

In a new development, the tribunal has awarded the saleswoman almost £60,000 in compensation.

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