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Sacked vet wins £100k in dispute settlement

Sacked vet wins £100k in dispute settlement

A vet who was sacked for alleged gross misconduct has been awarded £100,000 in a settlement, the Times reports.

According to the publication, Katie Goldie - a veterinary nurse who worked for PDSA - was set to take the organisation to trial claiming unfair dismissal when the case was settled at the last minute.

She had lost her job after initially being suspended over an incident which occurred at PDSA's PetAid hospital, which, she says, did not involve her to begin with.

Commenting on the case, Ms Goldie said: "I loved my job. I was really committed to [the charity] ... It shouldn't treat its staff this way and it shouldn't use its money to cover up the results of its management failings."

PDSA, meanwhile, confirmed that it had reached a settlement but denied liability for its former employee's complaint.

Founded in 1917, PDSA is a charitable organisation which cares for the sick and injured animals of people in need.