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Olympiakos seeking damages from Rivaldo in defamation case

Olympiakos seeking damages from Rivaldo in defamation case

Olympiakos, a Greek football team with origins tracing back to 1925, is seeking damages from a former player over alleged defamation.

Vitor Borba Ferreira, commonly known as Rivaldo, had reportedly cast doubt about the team's recent championship win, as well as past title successes.

It is alleged that he called into question three title races won by the club.

As a result, Olympiakos have requested that the Brazilian's assets are frozen in order to secure the payment of damages from its €5 million (£3,900,000) legal suit.

Commenting on the case, a spokesperson for the club said: "An injunction application has been filed against Rivaldo.

"It asks for the freeze of his property up to the sum of €5 million to cover the compensation demanded by Olympiakos."

The injunction is to be examined in July, while the defamation case is expected to be heard next year.

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