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Employer punished for sex discrimination

Employer punished for sex discrimination

An employer who made a staff member wear a badge saying "I'm Simple" has been punished for sex discrimination.

During a recent employment tribunal, Selectabase - which is based in Deal, Kent - was ordered to pay £5,146 in compensation to the worker.

Theresa Bailey, who was the only woman on her sales team at the firm, accused the organisation of subjecting her to discrimination, saying that she was made to wear the badge after asking for advice on how to use a computer system.

She also told a tribunal that she endured a barrage of sexist comments from male colleagues.

When she complained about the state of the communal toilets in the offices, she was allegedly told by a co-worker: "That's why we don't employ women".

Commenting on her victory, the 43-year-old, who worked for Selectabase for three months from July 2007, said: "I am very happy it is all over and done with."