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Elderly man seriously injured in fall wins compensation

Elderly man seriously injured in fall wins compensation
An elderly man who was seriously injured after he tripped on an uneven pavement slab has been awarded a payout of £8,500, This is Hertfordshire reports.

Jack Gardner sued Hertfordshire County Council - which provides services to over a million people residing in the locality.

The fall occurred in November 2005 and resulted in the 93-year-old having to undergo emergency surgery.

"Before this happened he was a really active person and now he struggles in the garden, doesn't walk the dog much and any form of social life has been taken away," his daughter, Pat Sperry, stated.

She added that the decision to sue was based on principle as opposed to the money, adding that the case exhibited "gross negligence" on the part of the Hertfordshire County Council.

Meanwhile, a council spokeswoman said that the organisation is unable to discuss individual cases.