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BBC agrees to pay out in alleged defamation case

BBC agrees to pay out in alleged defamation case
The BBC has agreed to pay legal costs and has apologised on air over an episode of the drama series Waking the Dead which was allegedly defamatory, the Guardian reports.

According to the publication, the episode featured a criminal whose name and background was similar to former Guards officer Jonathan Garratt.

Mr Garratt, who is now a security boss, helped to set up a company that specialises in security in Iraq.

The fictional character of John Garret in Waking the Dead, who was also involved with a security firm in Iraq, entered into an underhand agreement with a local Iraqi criminal.

After hearing reports of the TV show, Mr Garratt initiated legal proceedings against the BBC, claiming the episode was defamatory.

His legal representatives stated that considerable damage has been caused to his reputation.

According to BBC figures, Waking the Dead is one of the corporation's most popular dramas, regularly drawing in audiences of more than eight million viewers.