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Clinical negligence cases cost health authority over £2.5m

Clinical negligence cases cost health authority over £2.5m

Over the last 11 years, NHS Dumfries and Galloway has shelled out more than £2.5 million in compensation over claims of clinical negligence, the BBC reports.

According to figures revealed by the Scottish government in response to a parliamentary question, a total of 75 claims have been made since 1996.

Additionally, it was found that the most active period for compensation calls occurred in 2005-06, when 11 complaints were made by patients.

Responding to the figures, an NHS spokesman said that it provides high standards of care but conceded that, when standards slipped, patients had a right to pursue the matter.

Meanwhile, NHS Dumfries and Galloway spokesman John Glover added: "The important issue is that we clearly identify where those deficiencies have occurred and that we take all appropriate steps to rectify them for the future."

Statistics obtained last month by the Conservative party revealed that the NHS has paid out almost £50 million since 1995 as a result of negligence claims relating to cancer treatment, Channel 4 News reported.