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City lawyer seeks £19m compensation in sex discrimination case

City lawyer seeks £19m compensation in sex discrimination case

A City lawyer who won her claim for sex discrimination is seeking £19 million in compensation, it has been revealed.

Gill Switalski had worked for F&C Asset Management, a financial services firm which was established in 1868.

The 51-year-old claims she now suffers from adjustment disorder, sleeps for most of the day and is no longer capable of running any of her businesses.

She alleges she was driven out of her role following a sustained campaign of bullying which included intimidation, sexual discrimination and victimisation.

Ms Switalski was allowed to work part of the week at home to care for her two disabled sons, but claims that when new boss Marrack Tonkin was appointed, her career was destroyed by his fixation with her working arrangements.

Originally, she was claiming £13.4 million for psychiatric damage and loss of earnings, career prospects and pension rights.

Recently, however, her lawyers revealed her claim is now worth almost £19 million.

The hearing continues.

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