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CIPD argues for simplification of employment discrimination laws

CIPD argues for simplification of employment discrimination laws

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has spoken out in favour of simplifying discrimination laws in the UK.

According to the organisation, while legislation has played a role in tackling unfair discrimination at work, the law is too complicated and results in confusion for employers.

"Legislation has functioned as an important lever for change in many organisations ... but we know employers get confused if they don't understand what the law is trying to achieve," stated CIPD diversity advisor Dianah Worman.

The comments were made to coincide with changes to the Sex Discrimination Act (1975) which came into effect on Sunday April 6th

Under the new law, employers have increased liability for sexual harassment in the workplace. Also, the rights of protection for pregnant women and those on maternity leave have been extended.

Research recently published by the Fawcett Society revealed that new mothers and pregnant women in the UK suffer particularly badly from employment discrimination, with more than 300,000 females each year losing their jobs as a result of being pregnant.