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TV programme makers pursue libel claim

TV programme makers pursue libel claim

Editor of Channel 4's Dispatches programme Kevin Sutcliffe and the programme makers responsible for Undercover Mosque have begun a libel suit against West Midlands Police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), it has been revealed.

The documentary makers were cleared last year by independent regulator and competition authority Ofcom of allegations that they misleadingly edited the programme, which centred on extreme Islamic preachers.

Channel 4 has now claimed that comments made by the two organisations concerning the programme were libellous.

It said: "The statements made by both West Midlands Police and the CPS were completely unfounded and seriously damaging to the reputation of the programme makers."

Channel 4 added that it fully supports the legal action as it feels this is the only way in which the people involved can "vindicate their reputations" and prove the film was a responsible piece of "public interest journalism".

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