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Pilot involved in age discrimination case

Pilot involved in age discrimination case

A 65-year-old helicopter pilot from Calford Green has taken his complaint of age discrimination to an employment tribunal, the Haverhill Echo reports.

According to the publication, Ian Evans could create legal history if he wins the test case he is fighting against the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

His complaint centres on the authority's refusal to let him fly solo with fare-paying passengers because he is over the age of 60.

According to Mr Evans, this is a breach of discrimination laws. He claims he is losing thousands of pounds in earnings each year because of the CAA's restriction, which does not apply to pilots who fly aeroplanes.

Such people can continue flying commercially until the age of 65.

The CAA is the UK's independent specialist aviation regulator and its responsibilities cover the issues of economic and safety regulation, as well as consumer protection.