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Newspaper compensates academic in libel case

Newspaper compensates academic in libel case

National newspaper the Guardian has been made to pay damages and apologise to an academic based in Moscow in a libel case, the Press Gazette reports.

Dr Rachel Polonsky began legal action against the Guardian in October last year after it published allegations that a review she had written of Professor Orlando Figes' book, Natasha's Dance, was motivated by a grudge or professional envy.

The article also falsely alleged that Dr Polonsky had been a student of Professor Figes, was an old family friend, had sought a job reference from him and could not live with his success.

In a new development, the newspaper has apologised to Dr Polonsky for any embarrassment or distress caused and has paid out an undisclosed sum in damages, as well as footing the bill for her legal costs.

A British newspaper published between Monday and Saturday, the Guardian is owned by the Guardian Media Group.

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