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Lecturer wins employment tribunal over training issue

Lecturer wins employment tribunal over training issue

A lecturer from Northern Ireland who claimed she was treated unlawfully because her work is part-time has won an employment tribunal ruling.

Gail Adams works at the Northern Regional College - a higher and further education college with eight campuses in Northern Ireland.

She is employed on a pro-rata contract at the institution and was required to complete a teacher training qualification known as the PGCFHE.

While full-time lecturers who undertook the course were allowed three hours reduced teaching time to help them study, Ms Adams was provided with less so-called 'remitted time', despite the fact that she had to complete the whole course in the same way as her full-time counterparts at the college.

An employment tribunal has now ruled that the time she was given was "woefully insufficient" and has ordered her employer to pay compensation based on the costs of the time denied to her.