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Former football chairman denies fraud charges

Former football chairman denies fraud charges
James Bark, the former chairman of Scottish football team Stranraer, has denied six charges of embezzlement, the BBC reports.

Appearing in front of sheriff Kenneth Hogg, the 58-year-old argued that four charges alleging he embezzled various sums of money from the club's lottery were untrue.

He also denied a fifth charge accusing him of pretending to committee members that a man named Hugh Brown had won the Stranraer Football Club anniversary draw two years ago and a final charge of embezzlement over petrol obtained from a local garage.

Additionally, a man named David McCurdy denies one charge of pretending to be Hugh Brown and claiming he had been paid by the money by Mr Bark.

The trial will take place in March at Kirkcudbright sheriff court, situated in the south of Scotland in the Dumfries and Galloway region.

It was originally due to occur at Stranraer sheriff court but has been moved at the crown's request.