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Finance chief wins payout in unfair dismissal case

Finance chief wins payout in unfair dismissal case

A former council chief has secured a payout of around £58,000 after being unfairly dismissed from his position, the Camden New Journal reports.

Joe Laidler was sacked from his position at Camden council after serving the organisation for over three decades after being caught up in a cost cutting exercise which saw a number of employees made redundant at the end of 2006.

An employment tribunal ruled that the council, which is based at Camden Town Hall on Judd Street in London, selected Mr Laidler for redundancy using an unfair process.

Commenting on the verdict, a council spokeswoman stated: "While we remain disappointed with the ruling, we have decided not to take this matter further. After careful consideration we believe that this would not be a worthwhile use of public money."

Mr Laidler is said to be the most senior civil servant in Camden to bring an employment tribunal in over a decade.