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Ex-teacher wins £20k in constructive dismissal case

Ex-teacher wins £20k in constructive dismissal case

A former school teacher who was disciplined for hacking into the computer system at his school has won his claim of constructive dismissal.

Michael Evans was awarded £23,118 after an employment tribunal ruled he had been forced out of his job when he resigned after being given a warning over the incident, the Bolton News reports.

The 31-year-old had worked as a technology teacher at Bolton School on Chorley New Road for five years.

In September 2003, concerned that students could access files which should only have been available to staff, he had used a computer to which pupils had access and downloaded encrypted passwords, which he then used to hack into the system.

Commenting on the case, Mr Evans said: "The security of this new computer system was important to me. I was involved as the system was being installed and I felt I had a responsibility to ensure it was secure."