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Businessman to receive libel damages from newspaper

Businessman to receive libel damages from newspaper
US businessman Sheldon Adelson has received damages from UK newspaper the Daily Mail, it has been revealed.

Mr Adelson, who is chairman of Las Vegas Sands - a casino resort firm based in Las Vegas - has been involved in a legal battle with the publication for three years.

It had claimed that the businessman was involved in secret talks with Malcolm Glazer, an American who bought Manchester United football club in 2005.

The Daily Mail alleged that Mr Adelson had colluded with Mr Glazer in a bid to gain control of Manchester United so he could operate a gambling complex at the club's grounds.

Mr Adelson denied the allegations, saying the pair never met.

Owners of the publication Associated Newspapers withdrew the allegations unreservedly and apologised. The amount awarded in damages has not been disclosed, although it is said to be "very substantial".