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Manager sacked by voicemail wins unfair dismissal case

Manager sacked by voicemail wins unfair dismissal case

A former branch manager at charity Victim Support Northern Ireland has won her claim of unfair dismissal after she was sacked by voicemail.

The independent organisation, which seeks to help people affected by crime, was made to pay Marilyn Giboney almost £17,000 after a tribunal ruled her sacking had been unfair.

She had worked as a manager for the charity for five years when she received the message dismissing her without notice.

Ms Giboney had been fired because she had been unable to attend a scheduled meeting with one of the organisation's leaders due to a doctor's appointment. She was in hospital when she picked up the voicemail.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, she said: "I spent five years servicing the needs of victims of crime and then I got a message on my voicemail to say that I was sacked - for attending an appointment with the doctor."