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Man cleared of money laundering

Man cleared of money laundering
A man accused of money laundering has been cleared by a crown court jury, the News & Star reports.

Terrence O'Neil had been under investigation for the alleged laundering of £48,000 for his criminal older brother Wilson O'Neil.

During a hearing at Carlisle crown court in Cumbria, the 38-year-old said that the money in question had come from the sale of his late father's equestrian equipment and was not part of a £1 million sum amassed illegally by his brother.

The prosecution had alleged that Mr O'Neil had helped his brother by hiding some of the money he made from his crimes.

Mr O'Neil successfully argued that, in fact, his mother had wanted to sell the horse equipment and give the proceeds to him, as her only unmarried son. Following the sale, the money was put into his brother's account before being transferred into his.