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Lecturer wins compensation after college withheld pay

Lecturer wins compensation after college withheld pay

A former lecturer has been awarded compensation of £1,828 after he complained that his employer had failed to pay him wages, supply wage slips or give him holiday pay.

Orlando Castillo said he had been hired by Kelvin Business School, situated in the west coast city of Glasgow, to teach aspects of business organisation and management, the Herald reports.

He claimed that, at the end of the teaching term last May, he was asked to translate some English documents into Spanish and was owed wages for 89 hours at a rate of £15 per hour.

In response to email enquires he made concerning the business school's failure to pay him the money he was owed, he received a reply saying the firm was facing "serious issues both legal and financial".

A written judgement by judge James Young stated: "In this case no explanation was given as to why the grievance procedure was not complied with. The likelihood is the respondent's business ceased and there was simply no one available to deal with the grievance."