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Hiring illegal workers 'could result in £10k fine'

Hiring illegal workers 'could result in £10k fine'
Under new laws that come into effect this month, hiring illegal workers could result in companies being fined up to £10,000, an expert has said.

According to Angela Lazda, tax partner at Horwath Clark Whitehill - an accountancy firm with eight UK offices - a number of companies that employ staff on a temporary or casual basis have not "cottoned on" to the serious nature of these new regulations, the Reading Evening Post reports.

The publication goes on to say that the government has published a code of practice which describes how penalty levels will be set.

Ms Lazda stated: "Migrant workers provide a ready source of labour and where demand is high it is also too easy for regulatory procedures to fail within businesses."

It is crucial that companies take advice and make sure their systems are adequate, as claiming ignorance of the law "is no defence", she added.