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Former teacher wins sex discrimination case

Former teacher wins sex discrimination case

A former teacher from Ballymena in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland, has won a sex discrimination case, the Ballymena Times reports.

Danny Murray made the claim following his failure to be appointed to one of a number of posts of director of Cambridge House Grammar School in 2001.

The school was created from the amalgamation of Cambridge House boys and girls schools and, of six senior appointments made, three were men and three were women.

His argument centred on the claim that one of the women appointed was less well qualified than he was and was only given the position to achieve a gender balance among the directors.

Speaking after the case, Mr Murray said: "The lesson from my case is that if you are faced with an injustice at work, you don't have to just take it and lie down. You can and should stand up and contest the wrong."