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Former council exec tells tribunal he was victimised

Former council exec tells tribunal he was victimised

An employment tribunal has heard claims from former manager at Aberdeen city council Tom McNeil that he was the victim of a "witch hunt" instigated by a woman at the heart of a sex scandal, the BBC reports.

During a hearing in Aberdeen, the 52-year-old stated that he was forced to leave his job after reporting to have seen the woman having sex with Brian Woodcock, the former director of sport and Leisure, on council premises.

The pair were allegedly seen by Mr McNeil having sex on another occasion, again on council premises.

After the woman made counter allegations about Mr McNeil suggesting he was a sexual harasser, a bully and a drunk, however, he was suspended and later forced to quit his job due to an investigation into the allegations.

According to his legal representative, Mr McNeil - who is said to have suffered from ill health and depression as a result of the allegations - sees the investigation as victimisation. The hearing is ongoing.

Recently, the government announced plans to simplify the employment disputes system under which £37 million in extra funding will be supplied over the next three years.