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Employee wins £64k in racial discrimination case

Employee wins £64k in racial discrimination case
A worker has been awarded £64,000 in compensation after a tribunal ruled that he had been discriminated against on the grounds of race.

Kalmesh Shah was employed by international manufacturing and engineering company Honda - which is headquartered in Tokyo. He claimed he suffered months of racial abuse from colleagues while at the firm.

Eventually, his treatment led to a deterioration of his physical and mental health, forcing him to leave his job.

Commenting on the case, the 30-year-old stated: "This was never about the money, it was about standing up to a company that treated me like a third-class citizen because of my race. I was persecuted for speaking out and blowing the whistle."

He was awarded £15,000 for the injury he sustained to his feelings, including £10,000 for psychological damage, £18,496 for loss of earnings and £28,356 plus interest for future loss of earnings.