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Bullying in workplace 'should not be tolerated'

Bullying in workplace 'should not be tolerated'

While bullying in the workplace may be a growing trend, it should not be tolerated, a Manchester-based law firm has stated.

According to research conducted by Peninsula, 69 per cent of employees surveyed this year reported workplace bullying, compared to 52 per cent five years ago, reports.

It was also found that, while over half (56 per cent) of the victims had been bullied by a colleague, 44 per cent stated it had been a manager.

Commenting on the findings, David Price, head of employee relations at Peninsula, stated: "You get situations where employees fear coming into work. It is time to expose workplace bullying for what it really is, a form of harassment and in no way should it be tolerated."

Mr Price went on to urge employers to put in place systems to encourage their staff to speak out if they perceive themselves to be victims of bullying.