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Pension discrimination during interviews 'could lead to heavy fines'

Pension discrimination during interviews 'could lead to heavy fines'

Under new rules, asking job candidates about their pensions during interviews could lead to heavy fines for employers.

The Pensions Bill received its second reading in parliament recently and the government announced it intends to table an amendment at committee stage which would outlaw so-called "pension discrimination", reports.

It is understood that ministers are concerned that, without the adjustment, employers could undermine the bill's personal accounts scheme by only hiring candidates who are willing to opt out of the initiative.

The personal accounts scheme is a proposed new pension system whereby all employees in the UK would be automatically enrolled unless they explicitly opt out.

Commenting on the possible amendment to prevent employers discriminating on basis of pensions, Nigel Stanley, head of Trades Union Congress campaigns, stated: "This is not a burden on business, excessive red tape or hard to understand - thou shalt not ask about pensions at job interviews."