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Gay discrimination case goes back to court

Gay discrimination case goes back to court

A case involving claims of gay discrimination from a former top executive at international bank HSBC has returned to court.

Peter Lewis, the bank's head of global equities, accuses it of unfairly discriminating against him in the methods used to investigate allegations of gross misconduct and sexual harassment made against him.

The 48-year-old told a previous tribunal that his sexuality had provoked considerable interest and comment in the City, including abusive phone calls to both his home and his office

He stated: "Others would make homophobic comments either directly to me or, more usually, behind my back to my manager or colleagues.

"The situation has improved but discrimination and homophobia in the financial services industry has not been eliminated."

In a court filing, HSBC, which has operations in 83 countries around the world, continues to deny discrimination. The hearing is expected to last throughout the week.