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Firm fined £40k after worker has foot amputated

Firm fined £40k after worker has foot amputated
A company has been fined £40,000 following an incident in which a worker lost his foot.

In July 2005, the employee in question had been struck by a lamppost which fell on his lower leg after itself being hit by a mobile crane.

Prior to the accident, it had been noted that the position of the crane was within range of striking the lamppost. However, no adjustments were made.

The worker subsequently had to have his foot amputated.

During a hearing at the Central Criminal Court, London's principal criminal court, Sir Robert McAlpine was fined £40,000 and ordered to pay costs of £12,526 after pleading guilty to breaching health and safety regulations.

Commenting on the incident, Health and Safety Executive inspector Monica Babb stated: "Crane operations can present serious risks and it is therefore essential that crane installation is properly planned and implemented."