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Worker exposed to excessive noise wins cash

Worker exposed to excessive noise wins cash
A former factory foreman has been awarded compensation after it was ruled that he had been subjected to excessive noise at work.

Martin Bourne had been employed as a mechanical foreman for more than 30 years at the Corus UK Llanwern Works plant in Newport, Workplace Law Network reports.

Corus is a global provider of steel and aluminium products and services to customers, primarily operating in the UK and Netherlands.

The 70-year-old has worked throughout the factory in a variety of noisy environments, including blast furnaces, 'pickle lines' and hot and cold mills.

Despite the loud setting, no hearing protection was supplied to Mr Bourne until just three years prior to his departure from the company.

Due to the irreparable damage he suffered, he now has severe hearing problems.

"If I'd known I would have problems later on in life I would definitely have worn ear protection," he commented.