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Worker exposed to asbestos receives £150k

Worker exposed to asbestos receives £150k
A worker who was exposed to asbestos through his duties has won a pay put of more than £150,000, Workplace Law Network reports.

Charles Cochran was in contact with asbestos during his work as a plumber at the Walker Naval Yard in Newcastle, which has now been redeveloped into an offshore technology park.

According to the 67-year-old, while performing his duties, he had no awareness that asbestos was dangerous, even playing football with it during lunch breaks.

He stated: "Throughout my time at Walker Naval yard, I was never offered a face mask or given any warnings about the dangers of working with asbestos."

Mr Cochran was also exposed to the substance when he was employed by ICI Wilton as a pipefitter.

He was diagnosed in June this year with the disease mesothelioma after complaining to his doctor that he was suffering from flu-like symptoms.