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Woman to sue after plane 'horror'

Woman to sue after plane 'horror'
A woman from Lancashire is to sue an airline for damages after an incident which she says left her suffering with burns, the Blackburn Citizen reports.

Saiyea Bi was on a return flight to Birmingham when an engine on the Pakistan International Airlines plane she was travelling on developed problems.

As the plane made its way down the runway in Islamabad, the pilot was forced to put his emergency brakes on.

According to Ms Bi, who was next to her sister, there was then a big bang and the plane began to fill with smoke after the tires caught fire.

She stated: "It was horrific, everyone was screaming and shouting and trying to locate loved ones they were travelling with."

Passengers were subsequently instructed to exit the plane via the emergency exits, with Miss Bi and her sister allegedly sustaining cuts, bruises and burns due to touching the plane's body on the way down the chute.

Since returning, Ms Bi says she has suffered anxiety attacks, as well as the physical effects of her injuries.

Along with her sister, the 25-year-old now intends to sue Pakistan International Airlines, which was established in 1955.