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Former manager seeks compensation for unfair dismissal

Former manager seeks compensation for unfair dismissal

An ex-marketing manager is claiming unfair dismissal against his former employer, the Redditch Adviser reports.

Grant Leeming was accused by Thermex, a manufacturer of heat exchangers, of keeping a confidential document containing the salaries of colleagues.

He denies the allegations and contends that his former employer is using the situation as an excuse to "get rid of another of the old guard" after a takeover.

According to Mr Leeming, he had not kept the document but rather had shredded it. Additionally, he added, another worker had a copy of it and no action had been taken against him.

Mr Leeming, who had worked at the firm for ten years, told a Birmingham tribunal that he was the highest paid employee and accused the managing director of sacking him as a means of saving money.

The tribunal, which ran out of time, is set to make a decision at a later date.