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Ten-year employment battle finally resolved

Ten-year employment battle finally resolved

A former Labour councillor has won a ten-year legal battle to prove that he had been the victim of racial discrimination.

Raghib Ahsan, who use to be a councillor in Sparkhill - an area of Birmingham known for its multicultural population - claimed he had been discriminated against for being a Pakistani candidate by a selection panel prior to the 1998 local elections.

He had previously been accused by newspapers of a number of things, including helping Pakistani residents jump the queue for housing grants.

An inquiry into the allegations found no evidence of impropriety, however, the Labour selection panel subsequently rejected him in favour of a white candidate.

Although the results of an initial employment tribunal - which found in Mr Ahsan's favour - was overturned, the House of Lords has now restored the verdict.

Commenting on the case, Lord Hoffman stated: "It is nothing more than the old plea that you have nothing against employing a black person but the customers would not like it."