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Sales manager 'bullied at work'

Sales manager 'bullied at work'

A disabled sales manager has told an Ashford employment tribunal that she was bullied by her colleagues, the Daily Express reports.

Sue Foss suffers from disabilities caused by the drug thalidomide, which has left her with fingers an inch long on one hand and only three fingers on the other hand.

The tribunal was told how Ms Foss was ordered to go ten-pin bowling as part of a team building exercise with her firm Dore, which has been in operation for seven years and specialises in dyslexia treatment.

She told the hearing: "I explained that because of my disability I could not do this, but I was told that as a new manager I was expected to be there."

Allegedly, colleagues awarded her with a certificate following the bowling with the title "Mega Flops" on it.

The 46-year-old added that there were other incidents of mistreatment, including the office Christmas party, at which colleagues threw bread at her and made disparaging comments.

Ms Foss, who eventually left her role, stated: "I just felt I couldn't go on. I was driving to work in Sidcup and I got to a roundabout and thought 'I can't do this' and about-turned and drove home."