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Sacked GMTV reporter sues for £500k

Sacked GMTV reporter sues for £500k

A former GMTV presenter who was forced out of her job after her bosses discovered she suffered from epilepsy is claiming £485,000 for projected loss of earnings.

Louise Port told an employment tribunal in London that managing editor John Scammell and deputy news editor Malcolm Douglas had launched a "campaign" against her in an effort to make her condition worse.

The 31-year-old initially asked not to work nights following a suspected seizure at her flat in the capital. It had been her third such fit.

Ms Port stated that the seizure came after ten night shifts in a fortnight and that a doctor had warned her that such working shift patterns could trigger seizures.

She added that Mr Scammell had "a very hostile attitude" towards her and had sent on sick leave against her will in October 2005.

Ms Port was then sacked, with the stress causing her to have five further seizures in a fortnight.

GMTV has also been involved in the recent controversy surrounding phone-in competitions.