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London worker told she was "too young" wins case

London worker told she was "too young" wins case

A 20-year-old former membership secretary at an exclusive club in London has won a landmark discrimination claim, the Independent reports.

Megan Thomas was told by her employers at the Eight Member Club, situated on Change Alley in the city centre, that she was too young to deal with members.

An employment tribunal, however, ruled that she had been unfairly dismissed and discriminated against on the basis of her age.

Following the hearing, Ms Thomas stated: "I was upset to lose my job. I had never lost a job before.

"It was humiliating especially because I was told I was too young and if they had met me a few years later there may not have been a problem."

After being dismissed, she went on to secure a position with a new employer, which she has now been in for three months, on a higher salary of £25,000.