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Junior doctor alleges he was underpaid

Junior doctor alleges he was underpaid

A junior doctor has told an employment tribunal that his former bosses underpaid him, the Bromsgrove Advertiser reports.

At a hearing in Birmingham, Dr Nigel Suggett made his claim for the alleged unauthorised deduction of wages.

He had been employed by the Heart of England Foundation Hospitals NHS Trust, which provides general and specialist care for the people of east Birmingham and the surrounding area.

Dr Suggett claims that he should have been upgraded from his salary of £42,000 plus extras to a higher pay level.

The tribunal also heard how junior doctors working for the trust did not always get the chance to take off their allowed half days off due to workload pressures.

Chairman of the proceedings Charles Bourn said a decision would be made at a later date due to the amount of evidence being considered.

Dr Suggett is currently working for another hospital trust.