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Gas installer fined after residents put at risk

Gas installer fined after residents put at risk
A self-employed Corgi-registered gas installer has been fined after pleading guilty to installing a gas fire and leaving it in a dangerous condition.

Soon after Azam Siddiqi from Oldham had installed a fire at a property in Fallowfield, Manchester, the resident and her daughter began to suffer from headaches and noticed a funny smell.

The residents contacted National Grid Gas, which operates a significant gas distribution network in England, which immediately disconnected the fire because of its dangerous condition.

At a hearing in Trafford Magistrates Court, Mr Siddiqi was made to pay a total of £3,000.

Commenting on the case, Health and Safety Executive inspector Richard Clarke stated: "This is an unusual case as it involves a Corgi-registered installer, who should have known better … There was no excuse for this fire to have been wrongly fitted which put this family at unnecessary risk."