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Female former soldier to receive payout

Female former soldier to receive payout
A female former soldier from Hartlepool who was injured by a US army vehicle has won her legal battle for compensation.

Corporal Jane McLauchlan was serving in Iraq in 2003 when the vehicle she and three colleagues were travelling in collided with a US tank transporter on a road.

The 35-year-old sustained multiple skull fractures, as well as brain damage and punctured internal organs as a result on the incident. She also says she has suffered personality changes as a consequence of the ordeal.

Ms McLauchlan was assigned a non-combat role after the accident but subsequently decided to leave the army. She now lives in Germany with her husband and young son.

The landmark decision to award the compensation, which follows a four-year legal battle, will see the Pentagon pay out a total amount of around £320,000 to Ms McLauchlan and the three other victims.