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Family seek money after misdiagnosed broken neck

Family seek money after misdiagnosed broken neck

The family of a man who sustained a broken neck in car crash that was subsequently misdiagnosed as whiplash are seeking money, the Lancashire Evening Post reports.

John Jarvis, an 82-year-old war veteran, was involved in a road accident on the A65 in July and was admitted to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, situated on Ashton Road in Lancaster, suffering from neck pains.

He was not x-rayed - despite being in considerable pain - and medics at the hospital failed to see that his neck was broken, determining instead that he had whiplash.

Mr Jarvis was discharged with painkillers and advised to undertake neck exercises.

Following days of severe discomfort, he was taken to a private hospital, which discovered the break and fitted him with a halo and support vest.

His family are now seeking money from the hospital trust in order to cover the cost of private treatment and want to know that the doctor who misdiagnosed him will be reprimanded.