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Employee slip results in costly settlement

Employee slip results in costly settlement
A firm has been fined following an incident in which a member of staff fell while carrying out his duties, Workplace Law Network reports.

John Scullion from Bristol was picking up goods in an aisle of a warehouse when he slipped on a tomato.

The offending fruit had been dropped earlier by another employee, who had kicked it out of the way rather than picking it up.

As a result of his fall, Mr Scullion suffered from pain in his left leg and groin.

His employers EXEL Logistics, a global supplier of contract logistics services, agreed to pay the 46-year-old £2,500 in an out of court settlement.

About the incident, he said: "I felt as if I was doing the splits when my leg went from underneath me.

"I had to have two weeks off work after my accident and was lucky not to have suffered ligament damage."